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What if the fume purifier is not clean? What if the fume purifier is not purified?

    First of all, the purification efficiency is very low, or there is no purification efficiency at all. This situation is generally manifested as: equipment operation, low purification efficiency, or no purification effect. There are three reasons for this situation: 1. The electric field is too dirty and the electric field is used for a long time. If it is not cleaned regularly, the oil on the electric field plate will accumulate more and more thick, resulting in lower purification efficiency. At this time, the electric field (movement) of the lampblack purifier should be cleaned and dried and sent back to the equipment. 2、 The power supply voltage is too low. At present, the power supply of many brands of purifiers has voltage regulating function. If the supply voltage is too low, the purification efficiency will be reduced.

    Second, the equipment doesn't work. This situation shows that the fan is running and the smoke pipe can smoke normally, but the purifier can not work normally. Generally, there are two reasons: 1. The power supply is the "heart" of the oil fume purifier. If the power supply is damaged, the purifier will not be able to operate, that is, replace the power supply (the fault power source is generally not maintainable). 2. If the electric wire of equipment or power supply is damaged, check whether the power line and wiring of power supply are damaged or shrunk.

   How to avoid the malfunction of the lampblack purifier? Suggestions for Fuhua air conditioning and ventilation project are as follows: 1. Regular cleaning and maintenance of oil fume purifier can prolong the service life of the purifier; 2. Purchase brand lampblack purifier with good reputation, quality and after-sales service guarantee to avoid a lot of after-sales troubles.

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