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What are the safe cleaning steps of electrostatic lampblack purifier?

   Many users found that with the extension of service time, there are more and more problems in the electrostatic fume purifier, which are more and more difficult to solve. For example, the cleaning problem encountered in the use process has brought them a lot of trouble, and they don't know how to solve it, so they come to us for help. Today, the editor will discuss with you some knowledge in this field, hoping to bring inspiration and help to customers and friends, so as to deepen the understanding of electrostatic fume purifier.

Step 1: [turn off the power and release static electricity]

Before equipment maintenance, be sure to turn off the general power switch outside the equipment. As the electrostatic fume purifier uses high-voltage electrostatic adsorption to filter the oil fume, although the power switch of the body has been turned off, there may still be electricity in the electrical cabinet. Therefore, do not work alive to ensure the safety of the cleaners.

Discharge steps:

After opening the door of the electrostatic lampblack purifier, release the residual charge of the electric field before pulling out the electric field. The insulated handle of the screw driver shortens the conductive part of the screwdriver to the cathode and anode of the electric field to complete the discharge. Although the lampblack device used in this tutorial is equipped with a portable oil collecting drawer, a large amount of oil may still be attached to the chassis when it is used for a long time, so it is recommended to clean it together!

Step 2: [remove the electric field]

Open the maintenance door, discharge operation, screw off the bolts fixing the electric field, and then pull out both sides of the electric field by hand. When the electric field is about to be pulled out, hold the end with your hand to prevent sudden shedding and damage to the electric field. (note that the electric field should be gently removed and placed, and can not be squeezed or dropped heavily)

Step 3: [remove the insulator and clean the electric field]

Because the moisture of the insulator is easy to cause leakage, it is necessary to remove the insulator and separate the cathode plate for further cleaning. The electric field cleaning of electrostatic lampblack purifier adopts non acid washing product, which can be diluted with strong caustic soda and used as oil cleaning agent. Soak with high-pressure water gun and water, rinse and put in a clean place to dry completely.

Step 4: [clean insulator]

If it is found that the insulator is burnt or cracked, spray alcohol on the insulator and wipe the oil on the insulator and porcelain with a dry rag.

Step 5: [cleaning completed]

After the electric field is completely dried, check whether there are impurities on the plate, keep it dry, prevent short circuit, and check whether it is deformed. If it is, it needs to be recovered slowly, and serious deformation must be replaced, otherwise unnecessary fire may be caused

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