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How to save electricity with central air conditioning in summer?

   In hot summer, of course, central air conditioning is indispensable in summer, because it can be used for hot summer and cool summer. "How can we use central air conditioning to save electricity and enjoy the summer? When using the central air conditioner for the first time, please remove the dust net cover of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner to prevent the exhaust blockage from damaging the outdoor unit. Do not let the air conditioning shell be compressed, because the air conditioning shell is generally plastic parts, easy to deform after compression, which will affect the cold and warm channels and damage the internal components.

First, record the switching order of the internal and external machines, and then start the external machines and turn on the internal machines. Shut down the internal machine first and then the external machine. Try to reduce the number of times you open the door. Don't close the air-conditioned room too tightly. Don't open the door frequently to reduce the entrance of outdoor air. At the same time, the door should be opened less. When there is no special smell in the room, try not to open it to save electricity. For some central air conditioning systems, doors and windows should be opened to ensure fresh indoor air and prevent the infection of air conditioning diseases.

The exhaust height should be adjusted accurately and the outlet height should be adjusted properly. The guide plate should be inclined downward when cooling and horizontally inclined during heat transfer to avoid affecting the use effect. "Clean the filter regularly. The filter at the end of the central air conditioner should be cleaned regularly to ensure smooth air and prevent bacteria from causing harm to human body. In addition, accidents should be avoided. If the air conditioner is found to be abnormal during operation, the power supply should be cut off immediately and professional maintenance personnel should be asked to dismantle it. Do not disassemble the air conditioner by yourself to avoid damage and loss of parts.

When we go out, when we need to turn off the central air conditioning, we can turn off the central air conditioning a little earlier, so that we can save electricity and do not affect the cooling effect.

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